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In 2018, 92% of all credit card spending was made on rewards cards, up from 67% in 2008.
Those rewards, points, miles, or cash back, are paid for by the business that accepts the rewards cards.

The fees paid by a business fuels these reward programs. These fees, referred to as interchange fees,
are higher in the United States than in most countries around the world.

Eliminate or reduce processing costs with UpNexa RewardPayTM and CashRewardsTM programs.

Average Client Savings Per Year
Card brand compliance concerns
Days to Implementation

Ready to Reward Your Business?

Eliminate or reduce processing costs with UpNexa's RewardPay™ and CashRewards™ programs.

Nex-Gen Merchant Solutions


Avoid costly penalties Visa/MasterCard are imposing for business owners who have equipment that is not EMV Chip complaint.


Process credit card payments anywhere at anytime. Our mobile solutions are easy to install and allow you to take payments from any tablet or cell phone.


Our virtual terminal will allow you to process credit cards from any laptop or computer. Just input your customer’s credit card information directly into a web-based payment form, which you can then use to process an electronic transaction.


Offering gift cards as a choice for your customers has many benefits and can significantly increase your profits.


Many merchants choose a cash advance when they need money for their business fast. This is a loan based on your future credit card sales.


Why pay high commissions on order online when your business can have all. Do not let third party apps use your business, let your business promote app of it’s own!

PCI Compliance

Keep your systems secure, and customers can trust you with their sensitive payment card information. When you stay compliant, you are part of the solution – a united, global response to fighting payment card data compromise.

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For More Information, Send Us A Message.

For More Information, Send Us A Message.