HotSauce POS has been the leading software provider for hospitality applications serving restaurants, bars and nightclubs since 1998.

By utilizing the latest and stellar support, HotSauce has become the leading technology provider of POS systems in the industry today.

Made for restaurants

HotSauce™ Table Service solution helps you deliver exceptional customer service and increase sales by integrating all the features you need most into one easy, reliable, and powerful system. 

Our user-friendly interface will ensure order accuracy and reduce training costs, eliminating waste and improving the efficiency of your operations.

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Mission control

HotSauce™ Mission Control provides you with a centralized location for accessing all your REAL TIME reporting, labor scheduling and inventory needs, giving you more control over your business.

Users, such as corporate executives, accountants, district managers or store managers, can instantly analyze single store information or perform comparative analysis across multiple locations – all without redundant, error-prone manual data entry.

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Quick service

In a quick service atmosphere, it is essential to have a POS system that is dependable and easy to use. HotSauce™ Quick Service is built specifically for your business operations.

Whether you have an over-the-counter or a fast-casual operation, HotSauce™ Quick Service can provide you with the speed and power you need to excel over your competition. 

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24/7 Live Support

Our professional team is committed to providing you superior support for software, hardware and training needs.

We also offer customized packages to meet the particular demands of your establishment.

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