Credit Surcharge
By UpNexa


UpNexa's version of surcharging allows business owners to pass a credit card charge onto the consumer. There is no charge to your business for credit card sales. You only pay for debit transactions.

Eliminate Credit Card Processing Costs

Automatically apply a surcharge to credit cards. This fee is bypassed with a debit card.

Customer Welcoming

Only the fees for credit card transactions are passed. Your customers can always pay with a debit card to avoid any fees.

Card Brand Compliant

Our programs are fully compliant, so you don't have to worry.

Easy Setup

UpNexa houses plug and play equipment in-house.

Transparent Pricing

UpNexa provides full transparency on all pricing and programs for you and your customers.

Accept All Payments

All payment types are accepted including ApplePay and AndroidPay.

3 Things You Need To Know

Visa/MC/Discover/Amex does allow for a business to add a surcharge or credit card fee to every credit card transaction.

Participating in a non-compliant program puts a business at a risk of fines from the card brands.

Debit and Prepaid cards must be blocked from adding on a surcharge or “Credit Card Fee”.

CardBrand (Visa/MC/Discover) Requirements

In order to pass a fee along to customers that choose to pay by Credit Card a business must be in Compliance with the Card Brands.
UpNexa plug and play technology has you covered.

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