Cash Discount
by UpNexa

Cash Rewards

Cash Rewards, our premier cash discounting program enables a business to offset 100% of its processing costs and offer a discount to any customer paying with cash or check. If you sell $100, you earn $100 when customers pay with a credit or debit card.

You never have to worry about paying for credit card processing again.

Pay Zero Fees

Merchants receive 100% of the sale price when customers pay by credit card. ZERO transaction cost. In other words, say bye bye to all those weird fees. Don’t worry!! You won't miss paying them.

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Sample Receipt

No additional service fee on the receipt. Non-Compliance can bring fines from the card brands and upset your customers.

Which one would you prefer if you were the consumer? Think about it…

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Compliant Signage

Our Cash Rewards Program provides your business with the proper signage to let your customers know they can be rewarded by paying with cash.

Advertise a discount for cash instead of an obnoxious service fee that will upset your customers.

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Automated Technology

With UpNexa’s technology we can smoothly implement Cash Rewards on any POS.

We’re already integrated with many of the mainstream eCommerce and POS platforms, providing you with a turn-key solution for your business.

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Quick Recap

  • No service fee to customers
  • Offer a discount on cash purchases
  • Keep your POS
  • No surprising fees
  • 100% compliant with card brands
  • Say goodbye to fees and hello to savings
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