Contactless Payments

Stay ahead of your competition and modernize your business with touch free payments. Customers can simply wave their contactless card, phone or watch over the terminal to process while enjoying a cleaner and safer way to pay.

Contactless solutions have moved from nice to have, to a NECESSITY


When a consumer makes a purchase, they will still be paying with their credit or debit card of choice, but instead of using a plastic card, they can complete that purchase using their phone.

Key Features:

  • Cashless made effortless
  • The safer way to pay
  • Quick and easy
  • Future proof
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Online Ordering

Having an online ordering system can make day-to-day operations more efficient for a restaurant. Allow customers to order anytime anywhere using their mobile devices, tablets, or computer.

Get rid of those 3rd party apps that take up to 40% of your profits.

Key Features:

  • Improve order accuracy
  • Fast and easy
  • Free up staff time
  • Track consumer spending habits
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You hustle and you’re serious about the work you do. There's no reason why you shouldn’t get paid on time. But you need processes in place to start streamlining your payment collection.

Provide your customers with a convenient way to pay their invoices. Send an electronic invoice to be paid via email or SMS text message and configure automatic payment reminders.

Key Features:

  • Send digital copies of your invoice
  • Automate with accounting software
  • Stay on top of past due payments
  • Improve operational efficiency
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Digital Payments

Say goodbye to printing menus every day. Offer your customers a safe, secure, and pain free way to view your menu from their own mobile device. QR code order and payments makes for a seamless guest experience.

Customers simply scan a QR code, order, and pay right from their phone without ever needing to download an app.

Key Features:

  • Promote customer engagement
  • Safe and eco-friendly
  • No more costly printing
  • Update your menu in real time
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Future-Proof your business

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